Diamond in the Rough (or flower amongst crazy weeds)

I think this is an ornamental strawberry plant.

They seem to be growing everywhere in the not-so-overgrown-bed. I also found some across the yard in the middle of the lawn. I love the fushia petals! This is truly my diamond in the rough. So delicate, so beautiful.

We also have an abundance of black eyed susans & mint.

Their home is the sort-of-overgrown-bed. I’ve been working on wrangling the mint so I can reach the rosebush that desperately needs help.

The middle bed was the worst in the yard. Something killed the peony bush:

So I chopped it down to the ground and am waiting until the end of September to dig it up and transplant it to a more sunny location (some advice given by a landscaper). The daylilies in this bed had gone wild, not being tended to and/or separated for YEARS. I pulled out the dead stuff and am just going to leave them be for this season.

I need some more dirt, some mulch and some dry days to get to everything. Hopefully we can rescue this garden and bring it back to it’s former glory!


2 responses to “Diamond in the Rough (or flower amongst crazy weeds)

  1. Looks like you have some decent things to work with there! Mint can surely get out of control… some folks plant it in a pot in the ground, but it still spreads. Our black eyed susans come up here and there, more some years than others… they are a very welcomed weedy addition, I like them a lot. When we first moved here, dh mowed down the roses out back (wildish types, I don’t know much about roses)… and the next year they were fabulous! Too bad about the peony… I’ll be interested to see how it fares, I’ve heard they don’t transplant well (also something about getting the root/tuber into the ground right side down). The laser thing is really funny…

  2. Best of luck to you! When we bought our house there was snow on the ground so we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

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