Block On

Our new neighborhood had their annual block party this weekend, complete with a firetruck for the kids:

We didn’t realize when we bought the house that we had moved smack dab into the EPICENTER of the neighborhood, but it’s been good. The party was on my next-door-neighbors lawn.

After the bike parade/race, talent show, and ice cream gutter, and dinner, the band went on. Somehow they played our song (you know, the first dance from our reception) around 9:30… So we danced under the stars in my neighbors’ driveway to “When You Say Nothing At All”. So romantic!

I even blocked a few projects that have been lying around… more photos later this week!


3 responses to “Block On

  1. Oh, I love that song! Sounds like a perfect way to end the evening.

  2. Wow! Your block party sounds very cool. I am on the committee for planning our annual party. I will have to take some notes 🙂

  3. We live on that block around here and it is great 🙂

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