My mind/blog/life has been a bit scattered lately, as evidenced by my nightstand:

Keith joked that he didn’t know our house was the new town library. There are more books on the floor.

From the top, and why:

1- The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman- our anniversary was the week I took this photo and we thought we’d read up on one another’s love language again 🙂

2- What to Expect the First Yearwhat first time mom doesn’t have this one in reach?

3- The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren- Keith and I led a small group study on this book many moons ago and my brother, who works for Obama *, needed a synopsis of the book before the big Saddleback event that took place in August. Why yes, little bro, I will write some cliffnotes for you to write a memo for a presidential candidate.

4- Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer, by Cheri Fuller- somebody lent this to me but I think I’m giving it back. I haven’t even looked at it other than the bright pink cover.

5- The Nursing Mother’s Companion, by Kathleen Huggins- great book if you are new to the whole nursing deal and don’t have a close friend or relative to ask those “stupid” questions. I loved it but then again, there were some sections and opinions that you just have to take with a grain of salt (like every parenting/ child book). I think I pulled this out again after I got, um, bit. Teething is not fun!

6- Building Your Mate’s Self Esteem, by Barbara & Dennis Rainey- another anniversary type mindset thing on growing and building up your spouse…

7- Your Baby and Child- a hand-me-down gift that I have barely skimmed.

8- Getting Stronger, by Bill Pearl- weight training manual because I. AM. A. MACHINE. AT. THE. GYM. yeah! Actually, Keith bought this a loooooong time ago and I busted it out this year when I got serious at the gym 🙂

9- The Purpose Driven Life Journalsee #3. I never wrote in it, so if you want it, let me know. Its just collecting dust.

10- Streams in the Desert Journallove love love love love this devotional.

11- My calendar/agenda- I used this calendar to keep track of when Sweet Pea nursed, slept, etc in those early months.I got it out again to show a friend that she was not alone in the chaos of taking care of a newborn. One line in particular I shared was “Oh my word, she has nursed for the better part of an hour and is hungry AGAIN? I JUST WANT A SHOWER!!!!”

12- Some random photo box

13- Morning and Evening, by Spurgeon- love love love love this devo too. This is the kind of writing that you have to chew on for a while 🙂

14- Mount Vernon Love Story, by Mary Higgins Clark- a fictionalized account of George & Martha Washington’s love story. Keith and I take turns reading aloud before bed. I know. We’re cheesy.

15-My old journal & random MOPS stuff

So yeah. Not a knitting book in sight. I’m hopeful that I’ll be back in the groove soon. It’s all good.

* Yes, my bro works for the guy but I’m not endorsing either way. I just wanted to help my brother do his job well!


7 responses to “scattered

  1. I’ve been big on reading young adult fiction, though some blogger recently got me hooked on trashy vampire romance novels. Who knew? Mostly at night I am not up for stuff that I have to think about!

  2. If only we had enough time to read everything!

    I hope your home and garden projects are going smoothly!!

  3. Well…I’m only one footnote away from you not being ashamed of me, haha. Love ya Sis.

  4. So glad my nightstand isn’t the only one!!! Books and magazines galore. 🙂

  5. You have time to read? I do not have a baby (though there is one in the house) and do not even have time to read)! Amazing missy!

  6. Reading knitting books is good because it keeps the creative juices flowing. But the other books on your night stand lends balance. Don’t you just love The Purpose Driven Life. I can’t tell you how many times I have read the book in parts or in full just because it infuses me with needed strength and keeps Bible reading as a priority. I have a lot of books too. Part of cleaning tomorrow will be to shelve books on nightstands, end tables, coffee tables and dining room table.

  7. That little ol’ pile o’ books is nothing. you should see my house! stacks of books everywhere. Both hubby and I read. Totally different genres. Maybe I’ll take some pics and post them to make you feel better….

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