Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival

Keith, Sweet Pea & I visited one of his hunting buddies for Labor Day this year. It was my first time meeting Wes & Betsy’s beautiful family of 8 (yes! they have six children!) and my first time meeting a knitter under the age of 40* in real life!

Betsy and I hit it off right away, as most knitters do, and we discussed knitting, sewing, Jesus, raising children, gardening, composting, and chickens (they just bought chickens this year). I had never before met anyone in my age bracket that was remotely interested in the things that I was! It’s too bad they live over an hour away.

I received a postcard in the mail a week later from Betsy inviting me to the FingerLakes Fiber Arts Festival. Wow! A fiber fest! I’d read about those but never attended.

The festival was a little overwhelming! There was so much yarn, so much to look at, so much to do, so many new potential hobbies……..

Most everything was hand-spun and hand-dyed. Racks like these were everywhere.

Roving was everywhere and we even saw ladies walking out with giant bags of raw wool that they were going to card & spin.

Spinning wheels, drop spindles, wool… wow! We got a little drop spindle lesson and ALMOST bought one- but, reality struck that both Betsy and I have more than enough hobbies. It takes long enough to knit something and we couldn’t imagine how long it would take to spin the yarn and THEN knit something!

Believe it or not, I did not buy a thing. Not even the kettle corn that smelled SO delicious! I was definitely tempted to buy, but I did not really go in with a plan. I just had 20 bucks, which doesn’t buy much at these things! I think if I were to go to Rhinebeck I would have to save for years!

I am so thankful to have gone and experienced a fiber festival! Now i at least know what I’m up against if someday I do go to Rhinebeck or Stitches.

*No offense to my lovely friends over 40 who knit. I love you all to pieces! Sometimes though, I feel like a fish out of water amongst my peers……. scrapbooking in kind of in with them but no knitters, yet.


3 responses to “Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival

  1. The fiber festivals are fun, but they are overwhelming too. And I agree about not having enough time to knit, much less take up spinning to make the yarn!!

  2. She has chickens!? Very cool.

  3. I have a group of friends who needlepoint and I just bring along my knitting! I’ve met a few my age (pushing 40, LOL) and younger but I know how you feel!

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