Dear Sirs Who Want To Be President

Just wanted to let you know that there are rules to debating……. and that Mr. Brokaw was supposed to be the boss last night. You are asked questions, you are supposed to answer those questions in the allotted amount of time. You don’t ALWAYS get to respond to your opponents answers.

Maybe we should go “old school” on debates and have a buzzer for you two like we did in debate club. That would be sweet.

Also, next time, could you say something with more substance than your campaign talking points?


-A voter in NY


8 responses to “Dear Sirs Who Want To Be President

  1. Unfortunately, there was no rule in place that a buzzer should go off whenever a candidate lies about the other or makes false statements about their health care, tax or foreign policy. If there was a rule, Senator Obama wouldn’t have had to respond to Senator McCain’s “kitchen sink” strategy which amounted to the Senator’s desperate attempt to throw out as many lies as possible and hope that Sen. Obama wouldn’t be able to remember them all.

    Last night’s debate, which if you didn’t hear specifics it is because you weren’t listening, was the clearest indication yet of why Senator Obama is the right man to become President in these trying times. All the talking points in the world can’t save McCain from his history of supporting failed policies and ideas.

    Senator Obama’s talking point last night was that he would fight for the middle class. He backed that up with his call for a commitment to real energy solutions that would create millions of new jobs and put the middle class back to work, with his call for a health care plan that will address the hidden tax that we pay for every time a child with asthma and no health care is taken to an emergency room for his easily treatable symptoms, and he will serve the middle class by taking the tax burden off of their backs by lifting the Bush-McCain tax cuts for oil companies and CEO’s with golden parachutes.

    The times are too serious for politics-as-usual. McCain should stop retreading the same lies in every debate hoping Obama will somehow forget his position on the issues. McCain may have a memory problem, but the American people most certainly do not.


    Your brother

  2. p.s. You are a voter in NY. No one cares what you think.

    Just kidding.

    We care a lot. Especially about you. You personally. And Sweet Pea.

    p.p.s. I hear Gov. Palin will be calling Sweet Pea for advice on how to deal with the economic crisis.

  3. Ahh my brother………..Ok guilty. I didn’t totally pay attention the whole time. I was making habanero jelly and canning for the first time in my life. And I am sure you will enjoy the fruits of our labor. at christmas.

    I guess I am a little disappointed in the evolution of the presidential debate. It is what it is.

  4. You got that right. Presidential debates, on average, stink. It’s mostly because the Commission on Presidential Debates let’s the campaign’s negotiate rules that protect them from having to say much of anything and certainly to avoid having to respond to their opponent if they don’t want to.

    …Because when I think Christmas…I think habanero jelly…

  5. I only paid partial attention to content, but more to the energy of the debate. Ack. Poor Tom Brokaw! I felt like I entered some Twilight Zone when McCain answered a question with the same exact talking points (that in fact didn’t answer either question) that he used to answer the question prior. It felt like I was on rewind or something. I was at first astounded that somebody would rail on about politics over here, then I saw it was your brother! I’m in his political camp… Talk about voters not having much impact though… Maine.

  6. Amen Dana! Amen

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