In the Hood

I’ve made some hood progress:

I’ve got 30 more rows to go, then a few more rows with a smaller needle size. The fluffy part is actually done separately by casting on 7 stitches or so and then making loops and garter stitch until the length is equal to the front of the hood.

Sounded confusing to me. We’ll see what happens. I am still committed to attempting the fluff but may weave in ends & add buttons before adding the fluff so Sweet Pea can wear the cape while the weather is just right.

By the way, did you know that I have commandeered the third bedroom in our house as a craft room?

It’s a small bedroom with slanted ceilings and a wierd 70’s laminate floor. BUT. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I threw a piece of left-over carpeting from when we had carpets put in at the condo for SP to play on and so far I just have some books, my swift & winder, yarn & fabric up there. Oh, and a futon. Hopefully this weekend Keith and I will be able to bring up my sewing desk & machine.

Do you have a crafty area all to yourself?


3 responses to “In the Hood

  1. No “craft” area of my own. But I have a closet dedicated to my yarn and things. I would like a whole room, that’s for sure!

  2. When our youngest daughter moved out a few years ago for the rest of her college education, I moved my knitting into her bedroom that was black~walls and ceiling. It is now a nice shade of green and the ceiling white. No knitting going on there because it is now filled with much of the stuff from the extra bedroom we put in there and she brought with her and our new grandson when they moved back in with us (daughter first, this past spring). Now I just wait. Someday…

  3. A crafting room?? I am so jealous. I was happy when I got a corner of the basement to store my things. And I had to fight for that!

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