My NaKnitSweMo

Aren’t you glad it’s National Knit a Sweater Month?

This is the back of my street smart hoodie, knit with my birthday yarn*. I’m at the first set of sleeve decreases and am hopeful to get a good chunk of this sweater done this month!

It’s so nice to be cabling again!

*If you want yarn for your birthday, don’t order it for yourself and then tell your husband it’s *from* him.
He probably won’t wrap 8 skeins of wool and then you *might* feel a little slighted on your actual birthday and he will be scratching his head wondering why you are crying. Then you may feel slightly silly when he reminds you that *he* bought you a sweater’s worth of yarn for your birthday. Not like I know from experience or anything….


6 responses to “My NaKnitSweMo

  1. It is beautiful!

    I think I am going to knit my husband a vest now *maybe*. We’ll see how that goes. I am having a hard time this year!

  2. Hubs and I decided a long time ago that the gifts we like best from one another are the ones we choose ourselves 🙂

    Wrapping them is mostly for the benefit of the kids, who get *very* upset if mom (somehow they don’t have the same sympathy for dad) doesn’t have things to open, so I often wrap my own gifts.

    Luckily, courtesy of all those brain cells I’ve lost over the years of grad school and motherhood, I’ve learned that it I do this far enough in advance I sometimes forgot what I picked, LOL! But somehow I think I’d remember that pretty pink yarn…:)

  3. Oh what a cool pattern!

  4. Oh, I also meant to say it is nice to read your blog. I will have some more time to read it as I am closing mine after this weekend.

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