Random Thankfulness

Beyond the biggies for which I am thankful*, I am thankful for:

  • The bagpiper who plays in the park behind the house. It was a fun thing to wake up to on Thanksgiving morning!
  • sticky notes
  • index cards of many colors
  • stationery. (I have a slight addiction to pretty paper)
  • yarn
  • fun fabric
  • that Keith was willing to hang curtains in the “craft room” at 9 pm last night.
  • my kitchenaid mixer
  • running sneakers
  • double dry marathon sports bra (oh so necessary for nursing moms that run)
  • that it’s ok I didn’t come close to finishing my NaKnitSweMo project
  • that it’s ok I didn’t finish my soctoberfest project on time.
  • pie nights
  • cookie dough
  • SNOW!
  • Life Application Study Bible

* you know, faith, family, health, friends……. I love all those too!


One response to “Random Thankfulness

  1. Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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