Black Friday timeline

5:40 am- walk into the vestibule of Joann’s, giant coffee mug, ad, coupons, and clipboard in hand.

5:43 am- starting talking to the other women in line. “What are you making?”
“Who taught you how to sew?” “Oh, what a cute idea!” “Fabric for a fundraiser? How sweet.”

5:45 am- bond is forged among crafters/ sewers/ knitters in line.

5:50 am- Bonded crafters/ sewers/ knitters knock on the door to ask store associates to bring out a wheelchair for one of their own. A cute old lady who makes no-sew fleece throws. Walking with her cane and carrying bolts of fabric would be too hard for her.

5:59 am- Doors open. Exciting but controllable chaos ensues.

7:30 am- sitting and browsing through the Butterick patterns (99cents!) while waiting for my number to be called at the cutting counter. Cart is overflowing with bolts of fabric, yarn, and fabric steamer.

7:31 am- See JR, Lynne’s husband. He called Lynne over and we were able to discuss our projects. Always fun to see someone you know and love at Joann’s.

8:30 am- arrive back home, everyone still sleeping.

The crowd at Joann’s is much different than that of the mall, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc, don’t you think?

I picked up a good amount of the flannel that was on sale for a variety of baby gift projects:

Some green fat quarters to finish up Sweet Pea’s Wall Growth chart:

Some fabric for Christmas gifts and decor:

And, of course, some Patons Yarn. No photo of the stash, but I do believe I will be finally making the sweater I dreamt up long ago, a-la- Zimmerman.

Now I want to just hole up in my craft room and create. Could somebody else run the house while I’m in there? Thanks 🙂


4 responses to “Black Friday timeline

  1. You are a brave, brave woman — glad your Black Friday shopping was a positive experience! I went to our Michael’s in the afternoon, and it wasn’t too bad. Craft people are generally pretty friendly. 🙂

  2. Wow, you got some great things! I was just thinking this morning that I need to sew up some of my stash.

    And I can’t believe you have a 1 year old now!

  3. I avoided shopping on Black Friday but I did go to Michael’s on Sunday. It was very, very busy.

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