The Sewing Continues

Making a tree skirt is much more time consuming than I originally thought. Especially since I had no pattern and was just “winging it.” Keith always gets nervous for me when I make projects up….

How about the deer on the fabric- that made my outdoorsy husband happy! I love the fabric and the fact that it is reversible too! Next year I  may add some tassels or a crochet edging to the skirt, as well as quilting it. I have little quilting experience but am hopeful to acquire some skills next year.

So it’s finished, yet not finished. A neverending project that I will work on each Christmas until it is perfected.

One project down, about a dozen to go. I love making gifts for Christmas. I hope the recipients are just as pleased.


2 responses to “The Sewing Continues

  1. Wow Dana! I am REALLY impressed! That is incredible. One of the things I love the most about it too is the size. You can’t find a decent size tree skirt these days! KUDOS my friend, KUDOS!!!

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