Alphabet game

So, what are you teaching your child?

I’ve been having a tough week- we have family in from out of town and we’ve been passing a terrible stomach bug back and forth. Needless to say, I have been cleaning up extranneous bodily functions and lysoling from floor to ceiling every. single. day. The dog has been a little stressed by company and being forced to use the side door to go out has thrown her for a loop, leaving presents for me in various locations.

Today was no exception, as Sweet Pea got the bug this morning. A diaper change necessitated an immediate hose down bath- so in the tub she went.

It was so nice to sit and watch her play with her little alphabet set. She was clean, if only for a half hour….

I’ve been trying to teach SP to help clean up and she will take each letter and place them in the toy basket as I say each letter and a corresponding word.

SP handed me “D” and “G” together.

“D and G- that’s for Dolce and Gabanna.” What else could I say???

“V is for Versace.” Now THIS  alphabet game could cheer me up.

“A is for Amy Butler.”

“C is for CraftApple.”

“H is for Heather Bailey.”

“K is for Kristen Nicholas.”

“E is for Elmwood Village Fabrics.” (Where I really really want to go b/c they have Amy Butler fabric and I want to make myself a new bag!)

“Z is for Zimmerman.”

It’s ok to teach her about great designers, right?


5 responses to “Alphabet game

  1. Love it! Sweet Pea is already a little fashion plate, it sure can’t hurt to know a little more!

    Hope that bug passes quickly out of your house- yuck.

  2. Hello and happy new year. Well, sorry that it has not gotten off to a great start. But look at it this way: You are getting the bug gone! Dana, you sew well. I think you might enjoy Alicia Paulson’s creativity. Go look at her blog. I was off mine for a while and missed it too much. Just restarted, so be a fellow reader when you can. It is embarrassing to say that I found you again by your dog’s name! I am only glad that I found you. Your Sweet Pea is so cute. Feel better soon. Bless you.

  3. How about M is for Marimekko? Wow! You did a lot of “making” for xmas! Sewing your own pj’s…. my bro did that years ago for us. Maybe I need to do it for myself… I am having an awful time finding flannel pj bottoms that fit. The women’s are all too short, and the men’s don’t fit all that great (in that there’s too much fabric in some places and almost snug in others), and they shrunk too. I’m pretty sure it’s because companies are contracting out on the cheap and the cotton is not pre-shrunk. But what else should I expect if I don’t spend much on them. Love the grizzly bear fabric… at least making them you get to choose the fabric!

  4. Sure, she will grow up to have great taste!

  5. I’m sorry you’ve all been ill. How cute that Sweet Pea helps you clean up!

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