Keeping Warm

I took a short break this past weekend from my sweater to knit Sweet Pea a new hat. All of her old ones didn’t fit and I was feeling mildly guilty stuffing her cranium into size 6-12 month hats or throwing a blanket over her head when we went out in the tundra winter-wonderland. So I scrounged up some Lamb’s Pride and went to my trusty Last Minute Knitted Gifts to create yet another one of Kim’s Hats.

It’s taken me several days to capture my child wearing her new hat. Most of the pictures I took look like this:

I ran out of pink yarn, so I found some unidentified purple chunky yarn in my stash to complete the earflaps, ties, etc. I thought the flower was a fun and whimsical addition to tie in the purple. Lamb’s Pride is amazing yarn to work with and it is extremely functional in cold-weather wear. The thickness of the wool keeps moisture from snowflakes away and my baby’s head is always toasty warm.

One of the things I love about Kim’s Hat pattern is that there are several different types of patterns and you are encouraged to experiment with colors and styles to create something all your own. I hope Sweet Pea grows to love this hat as much as I do!


6 responses to “Keeping Warm

  1. OMG, that child is sooo adorable!

  2. Nice work! She looks adorable (and warm) in her new hat.

  3. That’s too sweet. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness- PRECIOUS!

  5. My niece is just the adorablest.

    I can’t wait to see the little girl!

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