Blocking Chaos

I was just wondering…

Does anyone else’s dining table look like this when they are blocking a sweater?

Pure chaos? Pieces pinned to ugly old towels, the nearest books holding them in place?

I think I want a blocking board. Or a friend who has one.


6 responses to “Blocking Chaos

  1. … I bet Lynne has one ;o)

  2. I wish my new towels looked that ugly! Your sweater is going to be great!

  3. I try to block my pieces on the spare bed in our attic/guest room. Then they are out of sight 🙂

  4. That looks great! Here’s what I block on… a big piece of foam insulation board. Covered with a striped towel (a big old beach towel). My foam board is about 4 feet long by maybe 2.5 or so wide… a scrap from something. It’s kind of silvery on the outside and yellowish in. But they also make a pink one that would work… just make sure it’s thick enough so that when you carry it around w/ the piece pinned on it, the thickness can support the weight, so maybe 1 or 1.5 inches. I used to do it on the spare bed, with a hefty bag cut open under a towel, but that room is C-O-L-D in winter. On the board, I can move it around… it often sits atop a drying rack near the woodstove.

  5. That’s how my guest bed looks when I block. 🙂 Except that I can pin into the mattress.

  6. nope. That’s what my spare bed looks like……….:)

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