A joking and not so joking matter

I’ve been working on some resurrected WIPS, namely these socks I started, um, over two years ago.

I call them my Jester Socks, because of their crazy colors. They actually go with those crazy knee highs from Vogue that I made a few years ago.

I wanted detachable socks, so I could have the option of knee highs or socks. So I made some Jester Socks.

The not so joking matter? I live near Buffalo, and a commercial plane crashed last night into a neighborhood on the flight path. Everyone on board died.

I don’t know of anyone personally that was on the flight, but I do know a few people who’s husbands are emergency responders or work for some of the agencies on the scene.

The only place for comfort is Jesus. This morning I read from Psalm 46, 62, and 121. If you have a bible, check those out. If not, I linked to biblegateway. Truly, God’s Word is amazing and He is the only source for true joy, comfort, peace, and healing in troubling times. (Thus my knitting and bible in the first pic).

Hold tight to your loved ones and hold tight to the Lord.


2 responses to “A joking and not so joking matter

  1. The flight crash is so shocking and sad. Those socks are on my list to knit. I think I could use something silly on the needles right now.

  2. I remember those socks!

    I was sorry to hear about the crash. It’s always so sad when that happens.

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