Growing Veggies like the Obamas… sorta…

I had a vegetable garden when I was a kid. We had just moved, albeit across town, but I was in a different school district, school was out for the summer, and for the first time in my life… my mom was out working. She had worked before, but always had off in the summers.

So I planted a vegetable garden, with the help of my great-uncle Frank, who grew up eating only that which his family grew.

I loved having a garden to tend. I was always making moats and trying different watering patterns… and discovering how amazing it was to grow something. It kept me occupied during those long summer days when I couldn’t really go anywhere and wasn’t supposed to leave the yard!

And now I have a vegetable garden once again. And a presidential family who also has their very own garden. Granted, they’ve got “people” to take care of it and they are in a different growing zone than I, hence the reason they have already harvested 85 pounds of lettuce and I only have this by way of lettuce:

Mesclun salad mix grown in a container.

I watched the NBC special on the White House last week and nearly jumped off the couch when they showed the garden, particularly when the chefs were harvesting some gorgeous Swiss Chard.

“WE HAVE THAT TOO!!!” I screeched! Keith was pretty amused.

Rainbow swiss chard… cuz it’s prettier than just plain swiss chard…

Three rows of spinach… to take care of that wierd pregnancy craving for spinach that I have…

Beets and marigolds.

Other garden dwellers? Tomatoes, peppers, peppers, more peppers, eggplant, broccoli (which may not survive), carrots, more tomatoes, green beans, pumpkins, cantelope, watermelon, zucchini, summer squash, and herbs.

We also planted two concord grape plants.

Our garden is also organic… so far… I have refrained from using oodles of Miracle Grow and am hoping to still have some good results. I’ve used bloodmeal to increase the nitrogen level of the soil prior to planting and will likely be adding some composted manure in the near future.

Everything’s still pretty small right now, but hopefully we will reap a harvest if we do not give up…


3 responses to “Growing Veggies like the Obamas… sorta…

  1. OH MAN! Remember that little garden on the side of the garage. We had some pretty nice roses back there.

    I remember the roses because they helped me with the ladies!

  2. Your lettuce looks like ours! But your chard is looking great. We often grow it, in a bed like the lettuce, it gets totally out of control. Because I think it is lovely. And it lasts after the frost. We eat a bit of it, but not enough to justify (for dh) growing it every year.

    Our other garden dweller this cool and rainy season is slugs. Lots of slugs….

    • Oh no! We have some slugs, I think. THey  seem to be eating my one and only rose. We’ve tried eggshells, I just tried an insecticidal soap yesterday. We’ll see how that goes…

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