Things that happen when you’re stuck at home

For two days with no car.

the floors get washed. all of them.
the laundry gets done. all of it.
“decor” is  seasonally shifted.
furniture rearranged
furniture reassessed- like do we really need that? the place looks better w/ less furniture
a “to sell on craigslist” pile is established
basement sub flooring gets installed. well, all the pieces we bought. and you thought all I could do was girly crafts.
ran out of bread so i had the time to actually make a halfway decent wheat loaf. IAMSUPERPUMPED ABOUT THIS.
ran out of eggs but couldn’t find a chicken
made a fort out of empty diaper box
worked on flashcards with sweet pea. she definitely know the letters “o” and “a”
toys got lysoled and ran through the dishwasher
area rugs were washed
thought about fertilizing the lawn. thought better of it.
read really silly websites. like prepare to pee your pants.
prayed more.
prayed with sweet pea for both of us to have self control and a good attitude. seemed to work.
assembled a bike trailer to bike to the library… only for it to fall off the bike before you turned out of the driveway. shoulda asked for a tutorial from the husband….

clearly more happened ’round here in the past 48 hours than has in the past two weeks. And as happy as I am with all the accomplishments, I’m looking forward to getting out tomorrow for our first MOPS meeting of the year!!!


4 responses to “Things that happen when you’re stuck at home

  1. Yay about the bread! And your house must be super clean now. I need two days without a car. Or three. ;0)

  2. Next time you’re without a car, I’ll pick you up and bring you to my house 😉

    I know there’s more to do then even basic cleaning will cover–oh the joys of moving into a new house…but it’s ok. It’s soooo much better than our apartment.

  3. sounds like you have been productive.

  4. Glad you were able to get so much done! I’m really impressed with the flooring. I think I would have done the lawn stuff instead, LOL. 🙂

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