The Organza that Changed it All

With baby number 2 on his way soon, we decided to move Sweet Pea into the smallest of our 3 bedrooms. The room has slanted ceilings and a couple little nooks & crannies that we thought would be a fun space for a little girl’s room.

I had ideas and sketches incorporating white eyelet fabrics and soft pink gingham accents…

But then I saw this fabric in the clearance rack at Joann’s:

An embroidered organza for only six bucks. Sold.

Plans quickly changed. I found a great lining on sale with a coupon- I thought the white lining really made the embroidery pop- and the valence project is now my inspiration piece for the room.

I had never worked with sheer fabrics before or linings, but despite the slipping and patience required, I enjoyed it.

I can definitely see the allure of dress-making. With such pretty fabric in my hands I wondered if I would ever sew my daughter a formal dress… or gown… or even for myself! Someday…

The valence is now hanging up in Sweet Pea’s new room. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of her (big girl) bed while I work on the rest of the space!


5 responses to “The Organza that Changed it All

  1. What a beautiful fabric! I’d love it for my own, grown-up room.

    Hope you and the new baby are doing well!

  2. Ooooh, so pretty! I bet you could do something on the walls too… benjamin moore sells a color called “opal” that changes hue in the shadows, and is a little pinkish. or pink. and sponge on some flowers and leaves. Pretty sure walmart sells some foam flower/leaf sponge kit. I did my nieces’ wall with a picket fence and loads of flowers, tree, bugs, birds, birdhouse, butterflies, etc. They loved it… for a while… you know how kids grow up so fast!

  3. very pretty and perfect for a big and growing girl!

  4. I love it. Who taught you how to sew. It is so beautiful. I am jealous I can’t do that.

  5. It’s wonderful! Dana, Dana…I wish I could just stay home with you all day to knit and sew!

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