Jon & Kate

Really, Jon and Kate? I mean, really? What are you thinking???

My thoughts on the Gosselin saga are many… I think that Walt Mueller’s June post (the president of the Center of Parent/ Youth Understanding)  and Christianity Today’s article echoes most of my sentiments. The issues in the Gosselin home, or rather, the issues in BOTH of the parents, are the very same sins that lurk in our own hearts.

“This train wreck called Jon & Kate Plus 8 offers a clear window into the human condition. . . and ourselves. This is a couple whose deep, deep narcissism has made them oblivious to each other, their kids, their extended family, old friends, wise living, and perhaps even the God they so blatantly claim to serve. It appears they’ve forgotten the everyday reality of their human depravity and the constant dangers that it poses. They’ve let down their guard. The evidence seems to point to the fact that they are eagerly engaged in the pursuit and worship of created things, rather than their Creator. Life has become about the things they can get. Kate is embracing the life of a diva. But they are not alone. Each of us has the seeds of the same thing sitting in our own hearts. While you and I can sit where we sit and pronounce it as wrong – and we should – I wonder what I would do if I had the opportunity to receive what they’ve received. I know what I should do. I can say what I think I would do. But I know what I’d be tempted to do. So if we are going to fulfill our responsibility to speak up and criticize, it had better be done in a humble spirit that recognizes beyond a shadow of a doubt that each of us is only one bad decision away from the same thing. . . or perhaps we’re already dealing with this stuff but not for the whole world to see.”– Walt Mueller – “Jon & Kate… Too Late?”

I hope that they get off the TV, in interviews, appearances, and the show. I hope that some kind of person that they respect will come into their life and grasp them by the shoulder and give them a good shake.


One response to “Jon & Kate

  1. Oh, man…what wisdom! I’ve been struggling with that whole saga and how uncomfortable it is to see. But then, I think it’s because we can recognize a little bit of ourselves there….or that potential to be something ugly.

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