Deceptive but not Delicious

I got Jessica Seinfeld’s book, Deceptively Delicious, out from the library this past week in a feeble attempt to get my child to eat more than yogurt, oatmeal, the occasional apple or banana, and crackers.

The first recipe, Mac N Cheese with pureed butternut squash, was a monumental failure. I roasted, I pureed, I boiled, I drained, I mixed, all during Sweet Pea’s nap.

Here you see the picky eater eyeing it.

It doesn’t look like the stuff from the box, mom.

Doesn’t stick on the spoon the same way.

Nope, not even going to try more than a miniscule sampling. No thank you no thank you no thank you.

I should have just taken a nap too.


3 responses to “Deceptive but not Delicious

  1. Bummer! I can tell you that the chicken nuggets with broccoli are GOOD. I don’t even like broccoli and liked them….

  2. I hope your next experience is a better one!

  3. My daughter cooks from this book all of the time for her kids and they love it! And who would think brownies with spinich would taste good?

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