Organic Carrot Gardening

Organic Carrot Gardening- not for the faint of heart.

I started out with some carrots pulled fresh from the garden.

Then, I cut the tops off, leaving a little bit of green, but not too much. Supposedly this prevents wilting of the carrot during storage and it worked for me. Previous attempts this summer to store the carrots with the pretty, leafy tops failed. 😦

Then I had a sink full of carrots, with lots of soil still on them.

So I lighty scrubbed the dirt off, using no water. At this point the carrots were still somewhat wet from the garden soil, so I put them in a big bowl and stuck them in the fridge to dry.

A couple days later I started scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbing some more with a bristle-y scrub brush.

Then I peeled the carrots.

Trimmed them.

And sent these three with Keith to work. They were the best looking ones. I blanched & froze a few bags and have some more sitting in my sink to be peeled for dinner tonight.

The variety we grew was “Short N Sweet“- and they are only supposed to grow to be 4 inches. Next year I think I will try a different variety- these taste great, but the smaller specimens are a bit of a pain to scrub and peel without losing some of your own skin. Ouch. We also planted the seeds too close together, which may account for why we had so many itty bitty carrots.

And of course, we got a mutant carrot or two…

So here’s the thing about growing root vegetables, organic or not…

You will end up with, err, organic material in your kitchen. As in dirt. Soil. Rocks. Bugs. Spiders.

And guess what happens when you clean up? And add water to the dirt?

You guessed it, MUD. On your countertop. Yay.

And picking, cleaning, trimming, scrubbing, peeling and cutting carrots takes a considerable amount of time.

But I think it’s worth it. Just be forewarned.


5 responses to “Organic Carrot Gardening

  1. Lovely carrots, and ooooh that bread looks so good! I hose off the root veggies outside to get the bulk of the mud/dirt/etc off of them. The moosewood cookbook has an awesome carrot soup recipe. I have it typed up, send me an email if you’d like it.

  2. I am impressed with your carrots. We’ve never grown them before.

  3. Yeah, if you do larger carrot types then you don’t have to do quite as many scrubbings etc….

  4. I roasted some whole carrots with a chicken last night…they were so delicious done that way. Mmmmmmm.

  5. I’ve not had much luck with carrots either. But I plant the seeds too close together and don’t thin them. I think that carrots like sandy soil so they can grow deeper.

    Hope you’re doing well!

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