One Year

So. A whole year. Wow.

I have missed the fun craft blogging community… and I’ve also noticed that some of the blogs that I regularly followed before I had children dwindled in posts because, well, your time dwindles when you have little ones!!!

I am breathing a bit of a sigh of relief right now, my eldest recently turned three and the baby is now one, so there is a bit of a reprieve. A two year old and an infant is exhausting! But just today, I was able to, GASP!, leave both of the kids downstairs while I took a shower! The Mickey Mouse Club gave an assist, but no playpen/ jumper was required in this endeavor. Hallelujah!

I have recently started knitting more regularly again and even signed up for a new sewing class with a friend. Hopefully some pics will soon follow.

I’m not sure what this blog with turn into, and evolution of my interests… which used to be God, my husband, knitting and crafting, running, yada yada yada… Now there’s so much more that I think about in addition.

My kids- do they eat enough? Do they play enough? Am I teaching them well? Are they safe? Loved? How much do their little minds understand the divine?

Fitness- oooohhh how I have developed an affinity for this. Slightly vain at first glance, but those pregnancy pounds really do a number on your physical, emotional and mental health. So I started working out with my sometimes destructive “all or nothing” perfectionist philosophy. Hit the weight room. Worked on nutrition as never before.

Spiritual Disciplines- a newer one… I have been a Christian for the past decade and gone through the regular “prescription” for Christian living… but have recently found myself yearning for more knowledge of Christ and attaining more Christlike character. If you know me, you know how MUCH ROOM I have to grow!!! But I have begun reading some great books on the subject- a departure from my usual dose of Surviving-Motherhood-All-I-Want-Is-Sleep-And-a-Housekeeper type devotional.

All in all, I’m still in pursuit of an abundant life in Christ. Some things have changed, but the main pursuit remains. Who’s in for the ride?


2 responses to “One Year

  1. well, welcome back! my thoughts (from a such an out on the limb christian you may as well call me a pagan) …

    kids will go through bouts of eating, say, only one thing. don’t worry. it all balances out, especially as you’re a conscientious mom (which means they ARE loved and you ARE teaching them just fine). i think the kids are MORE connected to the divine when they are little, it starts to wane when they are about 4… and then they have to learn it.

    fitness can be a bit vain, but then again, it’s pretty much good for you, so enjoy it.

    i don’t think christianity should be a prescription, but like you say, a place for personal connection and growth. make sure you spend some time reflecting, not just reading what other people say.

    since you’re in my blog reader, i’m in for the ride! Happy New Year!

  2. I’m along too! I was hoping you were doing good. I hear ya on not having any time for anything…I’m working full-time, raising only one little guy and trying to grow with my hubby more each day. I know I’m exhausted most days and feel completely frazzled, but making sure he gets what he needs physically, emotionally and spiritually is paramount for me.

    On exercising, I don’t think it’s vain at all. Exercising helps you feel better because of the endorphins and it releases stress. I also have found little ways to add in exercise to my day so I’m not trying to accomplish it all at night after work. I take the stairs here at work (I’m on the 9th floor, so its a good climb). I also walk around the block to get some unsweetened tea at lunch (little treat) and then do push-ups and sit-ups at home at night with hubby. And don’t forget lugging around the 23 lb. little guy too!

    I’m also with you on blogging, my blog posting has been pretty much nonexistent since I had the little guy. It looks like I will have more time this year though so I’m hoping to get back into it more this year.

    I think Christianity, like marriage is a give and take, with more listening and trying to understand on my part than just me doing all the talking, definitely something I’m working on in the new year. Would you mind sharing the books you’re ready with us? Maybe do a book review even?

    Glad to hear from you again. Hope to hear more from you this year too!

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