February Lady

Well, it’s February. A year later than I originally hoped to wear my February Lady Sweater, but hey, it happens!!!

As it seems to be happening lately, my plans do not always equal reality. Wearing this to church & having Keith take the pictures didn’t pan out- kids were too sick and boogery to go so we stayed home. Neither did having my friend Michelle take a pic at sewing class. Her daughter was throwing up for days on end and she didn’t make it to class Tuesday night. Then I thought I could wear it to MOPS (which I did) and have a friend take a picture, but my son was super sick and his pediatrician’s office said they wanted to see him….. so I had to leave early in order to take him to the doctors and be back in time to pick up #1 from preschool.

Flexibility is something you need as a mom I guess!

My creation

I had to make do with my self timer and stacked a couple books to put the camera on. Excuse the “vogue” pose. I took a ton, but it was one of the only ones I didn’t look frumpy in!

I love the sweater! It’s the best fitting sweater I have ever knit. Pretty flattering too- as handknits can tend to make you look a little plumper than usual. At least the ones I have made. The design was awesome and you can’t beat a free Raverly download! I enjoyed the lace repeats, once you get in a rhythm it’s no work at all.

Now, how many variations can I wear this in the month of February?


2 responses to “February Lady

  1. cute sweater! you inspire me to make one…but i never seem to follow through with sweaters. i guess i’m a sock and lace gal through and through!

    hope everyone at home is healthy and happy!

  2. Love it! Great Job!!!

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