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The Sewing Continues

Making a tree skirt is much more time consuming than I originally thought. Especially since I had no pattern and was just “winging it.” Keith always gets nervous for me when I make projects up….

How about the deer on the fabric- that made my outdoorsy husband happy! I love the fabric and the fact that it is reversible too! Next year I  may add some tassels or a crochet edging to the skirt, as well as quilting it. I have little quilting experience but am hopeful to acquire some skills next year.

So it’s finished, yet not finished. A neverending project that I will work on each Christmas until it is perfected.

One project down, about a dozen to go. I love making gifts for Christmas. I hope the recipients are just as pleased.


In the Hood

I’ve made some hood progress:

I’ve got 30 more rows to go, then a few more rows with a smaller needle size. The fluffy part is actually done separately by casting on 7 stitches or so and then making loops and garter stitch until the length is equal to the front of the hood.

Sounded confusing to me. We’ll see what happens. I am still committed to attempting the fluff but may weave in ends & add buttons before adding the fluff so Sweet Pea can wear the cape while the weather is just right.

By the way, did you know that I have commandeered the third bedroom in our house as a craft room?

It’s a small bedroom with slanted ceilings and a wierd 70’s laminate floor. BUT. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I threw a piece of left-over carpeting from when we had carpets put in at the condo for SP to play on and so far I just have some books, my swift & winder, yarn & fabric up there. Oh, and a futon. Hopefully this weekend Keith and I will be able to bring up my sewing desk & machine.

Do you have a crafty area all to yourself?

Spring Swap

Katie sent me a wonderful package for the Dogs on Thursday Spring Swap.

What a wonderful package! It included some Sugar & Creme cotton, towels for Mercy, a squeaky squirrel, a tug toy, a package of sunflower seeds to plant, and some gourmet dog treats in the most adorable basket. Oh, yeah.. there was a package of chocolate & carmel Werther’s Originals… but I um, ran 6 miles yesterday and threw my willpower out the window. ooops. Thank you Katie for such a lovely swap!

Here’s an action shot of Mercy with her new squirrel toy:

All you dog people out there know how hard it is to get a non-action shot when you introduce a new toy!

This was the first swap I participated in since Sweet Pea was born… and it was fun! Thanks to the gals at Dogs On Thursday for putting it together.

It’s in the bag!

I have a new knitting bag… and love it!

I used McCalls Pattern 5283 with a few minor modifications, namely getting rid of the zipper pocket. I didn’t have the right size zipper on hand nor enough fabric in my stash, so I went without! I purchased the wooden handles from, as they are only available online, and BEWARE- there is only ONE handle per package! I didn’t realize that until I received a package with only one.

In my new knitting bag would be my Hourglass Sweater, waiting for sleeves. I made the length of the lower body about 2 inches longer than the pattern suggested due to my new, ahem, post-pregnancy measurements. I knit the body on size 6 Addis but don’t have a 12 inch size 6 Addis for the sleeves…. do you think that a Denise circular would work or would that mess up my gauge?

Also in the bag is Sweet Pea’s Cabled Coat. I’m about 6 1/2 inches on the back and have learned how to cable without a cable needle! Not having to worry about a cable needle definitely makes things move along a bit faster.

After a warm spell, the ski country finally got some snow. Saturday we will be off to hit the slopes while Sweet Pea and Mercy spend some time with their Grandma. And we’re still praying that Sweet Pea will take her bottles like a champ!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Shaken, not stirred, for the yorkie…

This is Mercy’s food bowl.

Ghetto, I know.

However, it was a last resort this summer when ants invaded our kitchen. For some reason, ants won’t climb up and under the lip on this plastic bowl to get to Mercy’s food. I was SO grossed out by the ants- simply horrified! I guess if you have one ant that finds your dogs food, unprotected, that little ant will tell his entire family tree. So all my dog loving friends, if ants find their way into your puppy’s bowl, try using a plastic container with a lip. it worked for us.

After switching to the plastic ghetto bowl, Mercy was unable to dig inside of her bowls before eating. Weird, I know, but it was part of her routine- dig, dig, dig, remove one piece of food, run to the living room, toss said piece of kibble on the floor and roll around on it before deeming it safe for consumption.

NOW, Mercy will paw at the sides of her bowl and cry. It took a while, but we finally figured out that if we shook her food around, she would start her dining routine.

Stirring her food doesn’t work. It must be shaken.

Are all yorkies this wierd?

Mercy’s midmorning nap interrupted…

So what have I been up to while waiting for labor?

I have started making some handmade Christmas gifts like this tissue holder. The Sew Mama Sew Blog has an entire month of handmade gift ideas… and sewing gifts is a wee bit faster than knitting them, no? They have links to free tutorials at various reader’s blogs. Check it out!

What I really like about the tissue holder idea is that you only need a 6 x 7 piece of fabric for the exterior- which totally lets you use up some of your scrap stash. Plus, what woman hasn’t been a position where she wished she had tissues in her bag?

I’ve also been working on my hourglass…

I have about 9 or 10 inches of the body done… I wish I could try it on to see how it would fit- but I will have to wait on that. Until then I am comparing it to some of my favorite sweaters that I own.

Maybe a baby post next time…. I hope…

Run, don’t walk

All you seamstresses out there, RUN, don’t walk, to your local Joann’s! Simplicity and McCall’s Patterns are 99¢ each!

Clockwise from left:

– Sewing Room Essentials-McCall’s M5348I’m dreaming about my someday craftroom… I have to figure out a theme… vintage? Modern?

– Fashionista Aprons- Simplicity 3752Might as well look sexy in the kitchen, right?

– Semi-Vintage Aprons- McCall’s 2947I thought these were cute, maybe not as risky as the fashionista ones… but still fun.

– Knitting Bags- McCall’s M5283Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY NEED a knitting bag? I like the vintage look of the wooden handled one.

– Poodle Skirts- Simplicity 5403My husband and I love the 50’s look, so I figured next year for Halloween we could be the 50’s family.

– Animal Rag Quilt- Simplicity 4993I’ve never made a rag quilt before, but these look fairly straightforward and will make great baby gifts for our expectant friends. Of course I’ll do a test one for our baby!

I scored these great patterns for my 2008 project lineup- because I will have so much time once the baby is born. You’ll notice the absence of garments (with the exception of the poodle skirts) as I am not too confident in my garment-sewing skills. I’d like to take a tailored garment class at Joann’s next year before jumping into that sort of sewing.

Now I get to shop for fabrics!

Mercy seems to always find her way into the laundry basket when I bring it up to fold clothes in the living room. Too bad we haven’t figured out how to train her to fold it! I’m working on another pet bed for the living room so maybe she won’t get into the laundry all the time.

Sew What? Skirts!



This skirt was a cinch to make. I used some fun cotton material from Joann’s and the only modification I made was to have the skirt openn in front and tie in the back. I just felt wierd about the opening being in the back. The ties make it easy to adjust for my 6 month pregnant belly and what will happen next month too!

I have really been enjoying the Sew What book and can’t wait until AFTER the baby is born when I can make something for a skinnier me 🙂

We’re off to my SIL’s wedding for the weekend so I’ll see ya’ll when we get back!