About Me

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Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I live in upstate New York with my husband, Keith, our daughter, Sweet Pea*(born 11/07), our son (born 12/09) and our dog, Mercy.

I am a wife & mom, a knitter, a sewer, a crafter, a runner, and most importantly a sinner saved by grace.

The title of my blog “life in abundance” comes from John 10:10 (New King James Version).

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

An abundant life. I’m up for that. Are you?

I write this blog to share my thoughts on faith, life, mothering, health, and as place to share all things crafty. I enjoy creating with my own hands, whether it be sewing something, knitting, cultivating the hardened clay soil we have here in WNY to grow veggies, and above all I love being part of the miracle of life of bearing children and raising them. Every day I learn more about God through my everyday experiences as He whispers His Word to me. God is in the gentle whisper. You just have to sit still (and silent) long enough to hear Him.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. I love this scripture – You a very blessed woman indeed! Oh and your new blog is looking awesome:)

  2. Hello! Just wanted to see your blog as you were so kind to comment on mine. Aside from Stacey( whom I know only from blogland) and you, the only commentor was my daughter! So, thanks! I have an abundant life, no matter what is happening because Jesus is the giver of that kind of life and I know it! Have a great and blessed day.

  3. Hi! I’m stopping by to say thanks for your kind words on my LJ.

    I have some moderately silly camouflage-colored yarn and am using it up to make a scarf for a friend, and wanted to add something to wear on her head. The Calorimetry seemed like a good idea … and if it works well, I’m already getting requests!

  4. Hi there

    thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you like the yoga/pilates mat bag – I will let you know when the pattern is ready! And I’m impressed by the cable frogging – that’s brave!

  5. Hello. I love the dog photo. I have a Chi who gets to be dressed in lots of things I make. My husband isn’t a fan of that. The dog is warm in our Northern Canadain winter. What I stopped by to ask is to everyone and anyone who can help. I am looking for a knit pattern for ballet slippers. It is more a sock then a slipper they came up to my knees when I was a kid. You make the pink bottom and almost looks like a white sock under it. Then you lace up the white sock top with a pink ribbon. Has anyone seen this pattern?? Please help me if you can. Heather
    Thank you.

  6. Love the way you capture life – and hold it still for us to enjoy with you!

  7. Hi, On your home page back in 2007? one of the pictures is of a pattern for a rag quilt of animals.. like a dog, by simplicity… Did you ever make that quilt?

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