Making of a Superhero- a tutorial


Do you have a little superhero? Want one? All you need are a few simple tools and a few beginner sewing skills.


1/2 yard of fabric

Inch of velcro

Scrap fleece

Scrap ribbons, buttons

Step 1- Measure and cut your fabric. About 22 inches wide by 30 inches long will do.


Step 2: Make a narrow hem all the way around your cape. Get out your measuring tool and fold over the edge 1/4 inch and press. Fold that over again so that the cut edge is inside of the fold and press again. Do this on all sides of your cape. You can pin this or not, I chose not to because the fabric I used holds a crease really well so pins weren’t necessary.


With the right side up, sew all the way around the edge of your cape, using your presser foot as a guide. You can use contrasting thread if you are confident in your stitching, or use a matching color to cover up any slip-ups.

Step 3- Add a piece of velcro at the top edges to create and easy-on, easy-off cape. I get a little nervous with things tied around my kids necks, so I use velcro alot, for aprons, baby slings, etc. With velcro your babes won’t be asking you to tie on their cape every time they want to wear it. Yay for independence!

Step 4- Embellish away! Add ribbons, bows, letters, or whatever you want to make this cape your own. This one was a birthday gift for a friend’s little girl, so I used her initial “A” on the back. I used pinking shears to cut out the fleece and straight stitched it onto the back of the cape and added a pink ribbon along the bottom.


I used two 3 x 5 inch pieces of fleece to make super-hero cuffs and added a couple buttons to complete the superhero package.


Have fun but be forewarned-




are notoriously




to photograph.

Just ask Peter Parker.


One response to “Making of a Superhero- a tutorial

  1. very cool, thanks for the instructions.

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