nap prisoner

On days like today, I feel like saying “I’m never going ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN” to ensure the predictability of my kids’ naps, which in turn ensures the predictability of me being able to actually finish the laundry, sanitize all that the sticky hands have soiled, pay the bills, and maybe, just maaaybe take a break. In other words, preserving the nap preserves this mama’s sanity.

I am happy to be a nap prisoner.

As I write, number 2 is wailing away because he doesn’t want to nap, even though he’s tired. The problem is he woke up earlier than usual and the drive to pick up number 1 from preschool put him out for a good fifteen minutes. I didn’t rip him out of his carseat immediately upon arrival, like I usually do along with most every other mom there with a toddler, and it is costing me DEARLY this afternoon!!! Those extra five minutes in the parking lot did me in. Up and down the stairs for the past hour and a half. Diaper changes, new story, bottle, hurricane gel, the works. Ugh.

Ohh.. Wait… silence! At last! Gotta run!


One response to “nap prisoner

  1. I love being a “prisoner” at nap time…I usually take a nap too!!! Just about every day! I’ve likened in to rebooting a computer…it just doesn’t run right if you keep it on all the time!

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