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Don’t lie

You know if you have a little rascal or two or more your living room looks like this all the time once in a while:
number living room

And there usually are explanations for every out of place thing. Really.

1- Art stool on top of the couch- why? Because my 15 month old was using it as a stepping stool to climb the end tables that particular day

2- The coffee table in front of the (still unused) fireplace. A few reasons for this one- we haven’t yet figured out if we want to use the fireplace as woodburning or get a gas insert; we don’t have time/ money to fix it up enough to use it; there’s no room for a coffee table AND play area; and to keep the baby from crawling into the fireplace and eating creosote getting dirty.

3- Dumped out toy chest and 15 month old laying on top of toys. To occupy him long enough so his big sister and I can make some crafts once in a while.

4- Couch covered with laundry baskets, blankets, and tutus. I dunno.

5- Laundry to be folded. Oh wait, this explains #4.

6- Tissues restuffed into the box. You know your toddler rips ’em out of the box too!!!

You know it’s true. Admit it. Join the club. We’re waiting for you…


nap prisoner

On days like today, I feel like saying “I’m never going ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN” to ensure the predictability of my kids’ naps, which in turn ensures the predictability of me being able to actually finish the laundry, sanitize all that the sticky hands have soiled, pay the bills, and maybe, just maaaybe take a break. In other words, preserving the nap preserves this mama’s sanity.

I am happy to be a nap prisoner.

As I write, number 2 is wailing away because he doesn’t want to nap, even though he’s tired. The problem is he woke up earlier than usual and the drive to pick up number 1 from preschool put him out for a good fifteen minutes. I didn’t rip him out of his carseat immediately upon arrival, like I usually do along with most every other mom there with a toddler, and it is costing me DEARLY this afternoon!!! Those extra five minutes in the parking lot did me in. Up and down the stairs for the past hour and a half. Diaper changes, new story, bottle, hurricane gel, the works. Ugh.

Ohh.. Wait… silence! At last! Gotta run!


If my child could pick her own menu, it would be:



French Fries (for dipping into aforementioned ketchup and hotsauce, not for actually eating)

Pinto Beans



Ice Cream

It’s a good thing she doesn’t run the show around here, huh?


A friend of mine, who’s daughter is almost a year old, went back to work part-time this week. She’s in the medical field and the part-time gig really works for her- you only see patients on the days you work- as opposed to the part-time office situation where one “works” p/t with full time project expectations from the boss.

Anyway, she was sharing about her daycare search and told me about a certain center that was over $10 more per day than all the other places she visited. Apparently this place has laserbeams that clean all the toys after the children go home at night as well as this air-filtrating ultra-violet light thing that kills all germs in the air.*



I felt like Seth & Amy on SNL.


Really? You need laserbeams to clean my kid’s toys?

What’s that, soap isn’t good enough for you?

You need Laserbeams?

From your lasercats? Really?

We both had a good laugh.

She decided to take her daughter to the on-site day-care at her work, which is not equipped with lasers.

*I can fully understand one’s concern over their child sharing toys with potentially sick children. I wash stuff at home too, but probably not as much or as often as my mom wished I did… and I bet that if aforementioned laserbeam was on the market, my mom would buy it for us.